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234 - No Shit Sandwiches - Meta-Cast

Episode 234

234 - No Shit Sandwiches

In this podcast, the speakers discuss the concept of "shit sandwiches," a method of giving feedback that involves sandwiching constructive or negative feedback between two positive comments. The speakers disagree with the effectiveness of this technique, arguing that it can be lazy and dilute the message being conveyed. They also suggest that it can cause confusion for the receiver and make them question the honesty and commitment of the person giving the feedback. Instead, the speakers recommend providing clear and contextualized feedback in order to effectively drive change.

The speakers also discuss the importance of investing time in giving feedback and the challenges that can arise when changing one's style of giving feedback. They recommend being clear and upfront about one's style of giving feedback and providing context for any changes, in order to avoid confusion and negative reactions. They also suggest starting one-on-one sessions with a discussion of feedback style and giving feedback early and often in order to facilitate a more open and collaborative environment.

Finally, the speakers discuss the importance of providing clear feedback, both positive and negative, and considering the preferences of the recipient in order to effectively communicate and facilitate growth. They also recommend being mindful of the timing and delivery of feedback, and taking the time to fully understand the perspective of the recipient in order to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

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